Northeast Digestive Health Center's Open Access program was designed to make colon cancer screening more accessible. The programs lets healthy adults over the age of 50, who do not have any significant GI symptoms, schedule a colonoscopy without a preliminary office visit. Patients simply fill out a questionnaire for review by our physicians, who will determine if they qualify. Open Access makes it easier to get regular screenings, which saves lives. 



If you're healthy and over 50, simply complete and submit the survey below. Once your form has been reviewed, we will contact you to let you know if you can go ahead and schedule a colonoscopy or if you need to be seen by a physician beforehand. 


Healthy and over 50?

Please download and fill out the PDF below to see if you qualify for colon cancer screening Open Access. Once you’ve completed the form, please fax or mail to us.

Fax: 704-783-1850
Mail: Northeast Digestive Health Center
1070 Vinehaven Drive NE
Concord, NC 20825

Download the Open Access Questionnaire (PDF)




Patient Portal

Northeast Digestive Health Center offers an interactive, secure online portal for patients. Convenient and easy to use, the patient portal lets you request appointments online, email physicians, view test results, update personal medical records and even complete paperwork before your first visit with us!