edison square ribbon cuttingNortheast Digestive Health Center invites you to join in the celebration as they cut the ribbon on their new location in Edison Square.


The ribbon cutting for the new northwest Cabarrus County location takes place Friday, Sept. 29, from 8 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. at 10030 Edison Square Drive NW, Suite 204, Concord. The public is invited to the event; if you’d like to attend, please register through the Cabarrus Regional Chamber of Commerce.


The new office is open Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Friday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. To learn more about the new location, please visit NortheastDigestive.com or call (704) 783-1833.

New Office Offers Comprehensive Services

The new office features more than 1,800 square feet of space and five rooms devoted to examinations. The location offers comprehensive services related to digestive health, including office visits and screenings such as colonoscopies.


Board-certified Dr. Geanina Anghel leads the team at the new Edison Square location. Dr. Anghel specializes in inflammatory bowel disease and gastroenterology. Kelsey Trull, PA-C, Danielle Hecht, FNP-BC, and Emily Beth Kendall, PA-C, join her in working with patients to maintain their gastrointestinal health.

Helping Patients Maintain Digestive Health

Northeast Digestive Health Center offers a range of diagnostic and consultative services, along with treatments and procedural services, for individuals with medical conditions that affect the liver, digestive tract, biliary tree and pancreas. Some of the center’s key services include:

  • FibroScan®, a non-invasive, painless procedure that uses a pulse of energy to quickly evaluate liver health. As part of an overall evaluation, FibroScan® provides information to your doctor that typically is available only with a liver biopsy.
  • Colonoscopy, which uses a flexible tube equipped with a tiny camera and light to allow your doctor to see inside the colon. The screening provides diagnostic information to help determine the cause of problems like altered bowel habits and abdominal pain.
  • Hemorrhoid Banding, a minimally invasive treatment that helps remove or eliminate internal hemorrhoids by cutting off the blood flow using rubber bands.
  • The Hepatitis C treatment clinic at Northeast Digestive Health Center. The clinic offers in-depth screenings to determine a course of treatment. A pre-treatment assessment may include a liver biopsy, lab work, x-rays, and vaccinations against other forms of hepatitis.

To learn more about the new Edison Square location and the services offered by board-certified gastroenterologists, please contact Northeast Digestive Health Center.




Patient Portal

Northeast Digestive Health Center offers an interactive, secure online portal for patients. Convenient and easy to use, the patient portal lets you request appointments online, email physicians, view test results, update personal medical records and even complete paperwork before your first visit with us!