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Published: June 18, 2020

A Roadmap to Gut Health

Roadmap to gut health.Where are you headed: the Caribbean, Down Under, Europe or maybe somewhere a little closer to home? Wherever the road may lead, is travel on your 2018 Bucket List? Unfortunately, travel can wreak havoc on your digestive tract and a little discretion can make the trip much more pleasant. To help keep you from being …well… “grounded,” consider these recommendations and ideas, focused on gut health, from the gastroenterologists at Northeast Digestive Health.


  • Drink … drink and then drink some more. Take along bottled water and drink more than you normally would when at home. Hydration is crucial, especially when you are in the air. And, resist the temptation for an in-flight alcoholic beverage. You will be happy you did, as alcohol is dehydrating.
  • Remember to keep moving. When you are in-between flights at the airport, walk the terminal before boarding. Consider packing a travel yoga mat and take a pose whenever you can. Stretching, twisting and staying limber are excellent ways to open the body and digestive system, keeping things moving in the gut.
  • Pack the probiotics. Many fellow travelers swear by their daily intake of probiotics to protect them from those germ-laden airplanes and people-filled bathrooms. Grab an easy “on the go” probiotic juice or a cup of yogurt for something a little more substantial. Probiotics also boost your immune system. And, when traveling in the winter months, this is sure to be a plus.
  • Go with what you know. Traveling isn’t the right time to change up your menu. However, if you are traveling to a foreign country, experiencing new flavors is half the fun. Here are a few tips to keep traveler’s diarrhea at bay. Skip caffeine, stick to bottled water and resist buying food from street vendors where proper sanitation may be an issue. Make certain meat is completely cooked and steaming hot when served. If you are a big fruit fan, consider only fruits and veggies with skin that can be pulled off, and if they are already peeled, don’t eat them unless you did the peeling.


Following these few simple tips will hopefully keep your gut happy when on the road. Bon Voyage!


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