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Published: June 18, 2020

Hemorrhoid Banding

Quick and easy relief for your pain in the rear

One would be hard-pressed to come up with something positive to say about hemorrhoids. Despite being a common medical condition, it is fraught with negative connotations and is a topic that many people are embarrassed to discuss.

As painful as hemorrhoids are to have – and talk about – there is a remedy that is simple and painless. Hemorrhoid banding is the most widely used and effective treatment for internal hemorrhoids. The minimally invasive procedure helps remove or destroy internal hemorrhoids by tying them off at the base with rubber bands, cutting off the blood flow.

It works like this: The physician inserts a viewing instrument into the anus and uses a special syringe-like device to place a tiny rubber band (about 1/25th of an inch) around the base of the hemorrhoid. With no more blood flow, the hemorrhoid shrinks and falls off in about a week. A scar eventually forms in place of the hemorrhoid, holding in nearby veins so they don’t bulge into the anal canal.

All of the physicians at Northeast Digestive are certified to perform hemorrhoid banding using the CRH O’Regan System – an FDA-approved technology that was invented in 1997 by laparoscopic surgeon Dr. Patrick J. O’Regan. Dr. Geanina Anghel is the most recent physician at Northeast Digestive to undergo the training, which involves working with a board-certified surgeon trainer and hands-on patient banding sessions.

The procedure takes place at the Northeast Digestive office and lasts about a minute. Patients can expect their total visit to last between 15 and 30 minutes as there is no prep or sedation required. Some may experience mild discomfort during the treatment, whereas other patients have very little discomfort at all.

The procedure is more than 99-percent effective and is used to treat about 95 percent of internal hemorrhoid patients. Another benefit of the single-use, disposable technology is that it protects against cross-patient infection.

“More than half of adults will get hemorrhoids before the age of 50, yet many people are hesitant to get treatment or talk about them with their doctor,” Dr. Anghel said. “There’s no reason for that because banding is a great option for those who suffer from hemorrhoids. Not only is it safe with a very low complication rate, there’s also a low likelihood of recurrence. We can treat them painlessly in a matter of seconds right in our office.”

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